Mission & Values

Our mission: to help women feel unstoppable as they Pursue True Happiness 

Our Values 

  1. We believe that ultimate luxury is following one’s own path to True Happiness (真喜志)
  2. We believe that True Happiness is a lifelong journey of serving others through multiple means such as creating businesses, jobs or volunteering. 
  3. We believe in the Okinawan icharibachōde spirit (once we meet, we are brothers and sisters). 
  4. We believe in helping people look beautiful on the outside because we are beautiful on the inside.
  5. We believe in celebrating individual diversity.
  6. We believe in contributing positive energy to our world.
  7. We believe in always becoming better versions of ourselves.
  8. We believe that challenges are opportunities for us to grow stronger.
  9. We believe in being proud of who we are while staying open to other ways of being.
  10. We believe in always being actively grateful.



Pursue True Happiness - wherever in the world, forever.