Our Story





Hi! I'm Kay and founder of Makishi Apparel. 

I started this brand after traveling 50 countries and struggling with outfit options for my carry-on.

I wanted something timeless, chic and functional (like pockets!) that I could easily toss on whenever and wherever in the world but still look good in. So, created the 5-Pocket Little Bamboo Dress that packs into itself. 

Makishi Apparel was born on August 26, 2018 with my Kickstarter family of over 400 people from 25 countriesAugust 26th is Women's Equality Day in the US and I'm a big advocate for empowering women. My hope is that Makishi Apparel inspires women to look and feel unstoppable as they Pursue True Happiness in life... because happiness is the ultimate luxury.

I believe True Happiness is a lifelong journey of serving others through YOUR special gift to our world. I hope you view my collections here as mOkinawan kimono obi design meaning, "wherever in the world, forever"y gift to you. Each collection is inspired by my travels to 50 countries and traditional Okinawan kimonos and textiles. 

My family has aMakishi Apparel 400-year heritage in Okinawa and MAKISHI in Japanese means Pursue True Happiness. There's an Okinawan phrase "icharibachode" and it means "once we meet, we are brothers and sisters". Well, consider you reading this message as us "meeting" and let's be UNSTOPPABLE sisters together. I really do hope my apparel inspires you to Pursue True Happiness wherever in the world forever. 

With Love & Gratitude Always, 

Makishi Apparel