Pursue True Happiness

Little Bamboo Dress

5 Pockets and Packable

Versatile Dress for Versatile Lifestyles

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5-Pocket Little Bamboo Dress

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Unstoppable love

  • "I was heading to the gym after work and was wearing my Little Bamboo Dress. I had a passing thought I should have brought a bag to put my dress in when I change into my gym clothes. NOPE. Just packed it into its own pocket and put it in my laptop bag. A huge perk!"

    - Ginny W., Seattle, USA

  • "I feel like a superwoman in Little Bamboo Dress. Best dress ever! It's my "be brave" dress that I wear when I have meetings that intimidate me a bit and perfect for my carry-on. I Thank you Makishi Apparel! "

    - Teodora V., Budapest, Hungary

  •  "When I posted back in August that it sucked how women's clothes often don't have pockets or have very small pockets, a friend introduced me to Makishi Apparel. Little Bamboo Dress is really good quality, super softvery comfy with many pockets. I'm obsessed!"

    - Mari I., Tokyo, Japan

Women's TravelWear

MAKISHI in Japanese 真喜志 means Pursue True Happiness

Our Okinawan-inspired pattern means "wherever in the world forever"

So Pursue True Happiness wherever in the world forever... we've got you covered.

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Our Values

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    We've partnered with the best NYC manufacturers to carefully craft each piece in our collection. Modern slavery is a major issue in fashion supply chains affecting approximately 40 million people (71% are women and girls). Ethical manufacturing and ensuring workers are paid fair labor wages is core to our values at Makishi Apparel to uplift all unstoppable superwomen from consumers to creators. 

  • Sustainable Fabrics

    We're committed to ensuring that we source the most sustainable fabrics accessible to us for our collections. Fashion is the second largest environmental polluter in our world (second to oil), and we aim to be a leading player in growing the sustainable fashion movement with Makishi Apparel. Join us! 

  • Tradition Meets Modernity

    We're inspired by Japan. Made in the USA. Combining over 400 years of Okinawan heritage with timeless, chic and functional design, we were born to serve you - the modern woman - our unstoppable superwoman. Each piece covers you from day to night because we understand that you've got places to be, people to meet, and things to do.